November 15, 2007

Last 2 Ribs Riveted and Sealed - 7.5 hrs.

Tonight, I was able to rivet and seal the last 2 ribs in this tank. Yippee! Almost finished with this one. I'm happy with how nice it's turning out. Now it's time to work on the innards of the tank. I have a vent line to install, and I have decided to install a fuel return line in case I ever need one. It sounds unlikely, but some fuel injected engines still have a need for it, so I want to have that option built in. Doing it now is cheap and easy. And if I never use it, no problem. There's no harm.

All the ribs are now riveted and sealed in place on this tank.

Here's a view of the inboard end rib, riveted and sealed in place. It was nice to be able to squeeze these rivets. Once the rib was in, the next step was to rivet the attach bracket and inside stiffener plate to the nose of the rib, as you see below. You can also see two holes in this rib... one for the vent line; the other for the fuel return line.

Check this out... no more clecos! The innards still need to be done, and the baffle plate riveted on the back, but it's looking like a finished tank! Above is a shot of the top side of the tank. Below is a shot of the bottom of the tank.

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