December 8, 2007

Preparing Wing Skins for Final Assembly - 7.5 hrs.

Today I put in a lot of time on the necessary task of preparing the wing skins for riveting to the wing. Nothing exciting or visually appealing about most of this. It's the usual deburring of all the holes, stripping off vinyl, then dimpling all the rivet holes. Also, the edges of the skin all around need to be deburred and smoothed, and polished. It's all very time consuming considering there are 4 main skins; two on top and two on the bottom. Today I was concentrating on the bottom skins.

Here's a shot of the dimpling process on the inboard bottom skin.

And here it is, finished. This one is ready to be riveted on. It will be while, however, for the bottom skins. The top skins go on first, then there are some things that get installed inside the wing before this skin goes on for good.

Now that the skins are ready, there's more prep work on the wing itself. All the holes in the ribs need to be deburred and dimpled. I'll be using my squeezer to dimple the ribs.

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