December 15, 2007

Deburring and Dimpling Ribs - 3.0 hrs.

Today I finally finished all the deburring and dimpling of the ribs. Then I went on to work on the rivet holes in the rear spar. They are dimpled, but the plans also call for running a countersink bit in each of them to clean them up a bit more. The rear spar is thick enough that the dimples aren't able to be formed real good. They're there, but need a bit more touching up to make them real nice. So after dimpling with my squeezer, I got the drill and countersink cage out and ran the bit in each hole. They really turned out nice.

Above: Dimpling the wing ribs with my pneumatic squeezer and dimple dies.

Oh! I figured out a great way to prime the countersinks before riveting. I use a Q-tip dipped in my can of primer. I shake it up real good, open the top briefly and dip the Q-tip in the paint, and then dab the primer into each countersunk rivet hole. You can do 8 to 10 holes before another dip in the paint is necessary. Works great! Uses minimal primer, and it's fast, cheap and easy. Clean-up is a snap... just throw the Q-tip away.

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