December 29, 2007

Bolted on the Tank; Worked on Pitot Tube - 7.5 hrs.

Now that the leading edge is riveted on, the next step was to bolt the tank to the spar. This completes the leading edge of the left wing. Then, I started the installation of the pitot tube.

Wow, the leading edge of the wing is finished! It's a very exciting moment, to see it all together like this. I clecoed the top skins back on and started work on installation of the pitot tube.

I'm impressed with this kit. The pitot tube I'm going with is from Evan's Aviation Products. Their main business is building fuel tanks for RV's, but he is also expanding his line of products into other areas. I heard about this from my friend and technical counselor, Randy Lervold. His comments on this product are found here. I can't believe the quality, for the price I paid. It's powder-coated, and fits together beautifully. The kit comes with everything you need, right down to the rivets. It's not a heated tube, but one is in development now, according to my conversations with them. I can always retrofit a heated tube later on, if I wish.

In the shot above, I'm completing the first step, which is to cleco and rivet the nutplates to the mast.

Next, I'm positioning the stiffener plate inside the wing. It will be riveted to the spar and to the skin.

All drilled and clecoed in place.

Here's how it looks from outside at this point. Now I need to cut out the hole for the mast. Then it's time to disassemble, deburr, dimple, prime, and rivet into place.

Here's the mess from making the cutout. Use the stiffener in place as a template for a perfectly matched hole.

Here's the stiffener plate, deburred and primed, ready to rivet.

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