January 10 , 2008

Attached and drilled wing skins - 6.5 hrs.

Another big day today. I was able to get all the right wing skins clecoed on and match-drilled. Top and bottom skins. I also drilled the leading edge holes. Tons of drilling! I think I oiled my little drill twice during the process.

I started by cutting the doubler skin that goes under the wing-walk area. (no pictures... sorry) After I match-drilled it to the skin, I mounted it and the skin on the wing and clecoed it in place. Then I fired up my compressor and my little drill and went at it. Your hands get a workout from all the squeezing of the cleco pliers. I'm using a #40 reamer, by the way. I love it. It leaves such a smooth hole and very little if any burrs.

Here are the bottom skins, after drilling. Then they were taken off and put back into temporary storage, because there is a lot of work from this point on before they go back on for good.

I had to open the garage door and pull the wing cradle partially out to give me the room to work on the bottom skins. Here's a shot of my work area and both wings; the left one in the cradle and the right one in the jig.

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