January 16, 2008

Began installing the Duckworks Landing Light - 1 hr.

I only had a short amount of time today, but I managed to get the hole cut and deburred in the leading edge for the landing light kit.

This is a job that makes a big mess. I cut as close to the line as I dared with the die grinder and cutoff wheel. Then I used a small rotary file in my Dremel tool to carefully cut out to the line. The vinyl was then stripped off and I deburred the cut and smoothed it to a nice polish. I used my vixen file, then a small 1" scotchbrite wheel in the die grinder. Final polishing was done with a softer 1" fine scotchbrite wheel.

This came out really nice! I'm much happier than I was with the first one on the left wing. And I got it done in a fraction of the time.

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