February 10, 2008

More work on the Tank - 2.5 hrs.

I continued working on the tank today. The first thing was to deburr all the holes that have been drilled in the skin. I started on the inside and finished deburring all the holes. Then I re-installed the baffle plate so I could countersink for all the rivet holes in the skin that will hold it in place. The manual says to have the baffle plate in place so the countersink cutter has a solid guide hole and won't wander. Once the depth was carefully set, the countersinking went fast.

Putting the clecos in from underneath allowed room for the countersink cage to sit flat on the skin with no interference.

While I had the countersink cage set up, I went ahead and countersunk the fuel cap flange rivet holes. In the shot above, you can see the fresh countersinks on some of the holes, with a few left to go.


When that was all done, I got out the soldering iron and de-vinyled the rivet lines. The exterior of the skin now needs to have all the holes deburred, then dimpled. That's what I'll tackle next time.

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