February 16, 2008

Scuffing the skin and ribs - 1.5 hrs.

Now that all the deburring and dimpling is done, the last bit of prep work on the tank parts is to scuff the insides of the skin where the ribs and stiffeners rivet on, so that the sealant will have some "tooth" to adhere to. I don't want this tank to have any leaks! So I'm taking the time to do it right, in spite of how anxious I am to get on with it.

Here's my weapon of choice. This dandy little tool fits in my die grinder and makes fast work out of scuffing. You cut strips of maroon scotchbrite as shown above and use them, one at a time, in the tool. This thing is awesome! I was done in no time, and that includes working it in two directions, at right angles to each other, to get a real thorough job done. It also scuffs up the surfaces of the ribs and the other parts that will be riveted to the tank (stiffeners, fuel cap flange, drain valve, etc.)

I was finished in no time at all. This would have taken me hours doing it by hand. Guess what? This tank is ready to rivet together. Time to dive into the Proseal again.

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