February 26, 2008

Riveting and sealing ribs - 5.0 hrs.

Well, 2 days have gone by, and I was able to finish half of the riveting of the first three ribs tonight. I also finished up the sealing inside of the new rivets.

As the picture shows, I was able to finish the bottom surface of the tank on these 3 ribs. The fay-sealing method continues to work very well for me. Just pull all the clecoes (one rib at a time), smear some wet sealant in each hole with a toothpick, put in rivets and tape them in place, and then hammer them home. The rivet tape keeps the rivet gun clean. This is just so much better than when I did the left tank. I then dabbed a glob of sealant over each rivet inside, and used my little syringe as a mini-caulking gun to put a bead of sealant around each rib inside.

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