March 7, 2008

Installed vent line, fuel tube, and sealed both of them - 4.0 hrs.

Today I started working on the internal stuff that needs to be installed in the tank.

The first thing was to install the vent line. Here's the end of it, terminating right under the fuel cap, held by the clip.

The vent line passes through the tank, as seen above. Plain and simple.

Here's the other end of it, on the inboard rib. I have secured it with the AN fittings, and sealed it all up with Proseal. Also seen in the shot above, is the standard fuel pickup tube, attached to the cover plate on the end rib. It's installed here for the trial fitting.

Here's a closeup of both of those parts, showing how they are sealed in place.

From an even better angle.

Finally, here are the z-brackets. They have been removed from the spar for deburring and need to be cleaned and primed.

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