May 14 , 2008

New Bending brake, bent skins, drilled stiffeners - 3.5 hrs.

Today while driving home, I passed by a construction site and saw some scrap lumber in a bin. So I pulled over and asked one of the guys if I could have a piece or two of scrap. No problem. This solves the materials problem for making a new bending brake without spending a dime. Gotta love that.

Here's my new bending brake, ready to go. Doesn't look very pretty, but it's straight and true and long enough. My mickey-mouse wood handle screwed onto the side broke off the first time I used it, but what the heck. I figure this is probably the last time I'll need a contraption like this for the project, so I screwed some beefier ones on both sides and moved on. In the end, it got the job done just fine. I don't have a picture here of the bent skins, but you'll see plenty more in the next day or two. They came out just great!

Moving along, the next step was to get out the aileron brackets and stiffener plates. These go on the ends of the aileron spars. Here you see the stiffeners and brackets being drilled to the spar. I got both ends done on the right aileron today. I'll do the left aileron tomorrow. Below is the bracket on the inboard end of the spar. The inboard bracket is narrower, as you can see. All it does it hold the aileron in place and allow it to swivel on the bearing. The wider bracket on the outboard end not only holds it on the bearing, but attaches to the pushrod that moves the whole thing.

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