May 18, 2008

Deburred stiffener plates, nose ribs and spar for left aileron - 3.0 hrs.

Today I deburred the stiffener plates, nose ribs, and spar for the left aileron. These nose ribs take a while to deburr; there are lots of edges, curves, and places hard to reach. It feels good to get this done.

May 20, 2008

Deburring continues - 2.0 hrs.

More deburring work today on the end ribs for the left aileron. Then I fitted and drilled the left nose ribs. I also deburred the counterweight pipes.

May 22, 2008

Riveting, drilling out rivets, and more deburring - 5.0 hrs.

The deburring work came first. I spent 3 hours deburring all the right aileron end ribs, nose ribs, and spar. Then I frustrated myself by making some riveting mistakes that I should have known better. So I spent 2 hours drilling out rivets that were either the wrong ones, or riveted badly. The good news is, no harm was done. So other than the time lost and the frustration, I was able to move ahead after all.

I didn't bother priming the whole spar at this point because I'll be drilling, dimpling, and working with them for a while first. But I wanted to get these stiffener plates primed and riveted on so I could move ahead with the nose ribs. Here you see them all finished - at last.

Here are the ones on the other ends of the spars, ready to rivet. The layout and the rivets are different on this end because the brackets are different.

Finally, by the end of the day, the nose ribs were drilled, deburred, primed, and ready to rivet on.

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