July 23, 2008

Aileron Pushrods - 4.5 hrs.

Now that the control surfaces are all finished for the plane, it's time to make the pushrods for the ailerons. There are a number of internal details that need to be wrapped up to finish the wings, and this is one of them.

I made this simple v-block drilling jig for my drill press out of some scrap. Saved me money and time, rather than order one! Works great. After measuring and cutting the tubes to length, this block was used to drill the rivet holes. The insides of these tubes were primed, and the rod end bearings riveted on. Straightforward stuff.

These are the short, smaller rods that connect the aileron on each wing to the bellcrank. All finished, ready to install.

A closeup shot of the rivets that hold it together. I dabbed a bit of primer on areas that needed it.

Here's a shot of how my drill block worked. No problems.

This is one of the larger, longer pushtubes that connect to the bellcrank and run inside the wing into the fuselage. They will connect to the control stick right under the seat. I like the fact that the aileron control is all solid tubing. No slack or play whatsoever. Above, all drilled and clecoed together. After deburring, the insides of these tubes were primed, too.

Then, all riveted together! Easy job, using pop rivets. The insides of these have been primed, now it's time to prime the outsides.

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