August 31, 2008

Riveting Bottom Wing Skins - left wing - 3.0 hrs.

Tonight was an exciting session. At long last, I'm riveting the bottom wing skins onto my left wing!

You start with the inboard skin. The most difficult rivets are the ones on the inner ribs, where the ribs are close together. You don't have much room to reach inside with the bucking bar. Jamie was a real trooper here. She offered to come out and help me for a while. So I taught her how to run the rivet gun and shoot rivets. She caught on real fast and did an excellent job. What a woman!

A couple hours later we had the difficult inner ribs finished along with the next rib. The hardest rivets to reach are the ones along the rear spar, but we got 'em done. I was able to squeeze the rivets along the inboard edge. They are easily reached with the squeezer.

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