September 1, 2008

Riveting Bottom Wing Skins - continued - 4.0 hrs.

The first thing I did tonight was to pull out the cover plates for the access openings for the wings. Until I can get Jamie to come help me with riveting again, this is something I can do by myself. So I deburred the edges all around, drilled the holes out to full size, deburred, dimpled, scuffed and cleaned, and primed them.

These are now good to go!

The openings are easy to reach into, so I decided to try a little solo riveting and see how it goes. Jamie wasn't available to come help me and I want to keep going. I know others have devised elaborate methods using ropes and pulleys to lift up the skin so you can reach underneath, but I decided to just reach in and see how much I could do. So I proceeded slowly and carefully. It's all about just one rivet at a time. My little tungsten bucking bar was my favorite here. I love this thing! So here are the results, a few hours later. I'm proud of this. I wasn't sure if this was doable. The inner skin is finished now except for the row of double rivets where the outboard skin laps over it.

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