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June 1, 2013

Aileron Trim Hardware - 5.25 Hours

I decided at this point to work on getting the Aileron Trim hardware installed, since I'll be working in the center section with all the wiring very soon. There's a lot going on in the center section. This is rapidly getting more complex. The aileron trim uses a simple servo, like the one in the horizontal stabilizer for the trim tab. So the wiring is quite simple. But there's more to this than meets the eye, as far as installing this system is concerned. It actually seems kind of hokey to me, springs and metal tabs used, but what can I say. It works. I've read good things about it. So who am I to argue, with what little I know. So I figured I better not question it and just get started.

Fortunately, the directions and drawings are quite good. So even though there's a lot to this, it wasn't hard. Just time consuming. Follow the plans carefully and study the drawings as much as necessary. Then study them some more. Here's the first part, ready to go. Below is the other side of this bracket, showing the white nylon block and the hardware in place.

With everything primed, and riveted in place, the unit is ready to go. In the background, you can see the servo, the springs, and the hardware for the unit.

Here's the servo, hooked up to it. This now goes in the center section, under the floor pan between the seats. The servo bolts directly to one of the seat ribs. I'll need nimble fingers to get all this stuff in place, the hardware installed, and everything torqued and finished.

I gave it a trial fit and I was pleased, but I'm concerned about installing it right now. There will be a lot of wiring that goes through that area and it's going to get crowded, and I'm not sure I want this stuff in the way at this point. Plus my sticks will have to come out for trimming and wiring, so I can't really hook up the springs yet anyway. So for now, as much as I'd like to just install it and have it finished, this goes on the shelf for a while.

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