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This page contains links to railroad, model railroad and logging information in the Portland, OR. area and the Pacific Northwest. If you have or know of any information regarding the topics covered in these pages, and would like to share them, or have comments please sent them to me at The small class lights signify links that the link is to my own local pages, all other links are to other peoples pages on or other servers.


Last update I have added a make your own railroad name page to the Miscellaneous section.

About the name of this site.

The name The Portland Second Section is a reference to a trains classification. A locomotive would display flags or class lights indicating if it was a extra or a second section was following. A train displayed green class lights as shown on the heading of this page, if another section of the train was following. What does this have to do with the web? Who cares? It's a good name!


Scheduled Departures.

Scheduled Departures is a list of upcoming local events, in the Pacific Northwest related to Pacific Northwest railroads or logging. I now have the form for adding events to the Scheduled Departures listing back on line. Please give it a try. or send mail to for any additions or events you would like added.
René Gourley has a list of upcoming events related to railroads and model railroads in British Columbia. and his Resources of interest to British Columbian Railfans.
Model Railroader magazine
schedule of events for ( Idaho, Oregon, Washington or Canada)
Rails Northwest
The Dispatchers Office has Pacific Northwest events.
Northwest Logging Modelers Convention. [updated]Mar. 23
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Mike Davison History of railroads in Grays Harbor, Washington.
Robert Reynolds Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society.
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry.
Art Putnam's Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry. Page.
Andy Macha's Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway Historical Society.
Ron Peterson's Collectibles of the SP&S Ry.. [updated]Mar. 23
Robert VanNatta's home page family logging history, Columbia county, St. Helens.
VanNatta Forestry, Logging Machinery, Log Skidders, Timber, etc. VanNatta Logging History. Yeon and Pelton.
Andy Macha's Pacific Northwest Railroading Home Page.
Jack's Photo Gallery Green Mountain Logging
Northern Pacific Railway
Brian Fritz's
The Western Washington Steam Railroad Page covers the Mount Rainier Scenic RR, Chehalis-Centralia RR, Lake Whatcom Railway, Camp 6 at Point Defiance Park and many other intresting links. Brian has added a lot of intresting washington railroad stuff, it is really worth checking out.
Vancouver Train Spotters
J. Phillips' Northern Pacific Railway
Collier Memorial State Park Logging Museum.
The Columbia Gorge Route
National Railway Historical Society (The Pacific Northwest Chapter)
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Prototype, 12" to the foot, 1:1 Scale.

The Spokane Portland & Seattle Ry. engine 700 and the new official Pacific Railroad Preservation Association page.
Yakima Valley Rail and Steam Museum.
Robert Bowdidge's Southern Pacific Railroad List of Links.
Daniel Dawdy's BC Rail page.
Leon Kanopka's
list of Tourist Railroads and Railroad Museums in Oregon, Washington or North America.
Canadian National Railways.
Union Pacific Railroad.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.
Mark McVittie's
2141 Steam Locomotive Restoration Society.
Larry Miller's
Friends of the 4449
City of Prineville Ry.
Washington State Railroads Historical Society
Sumpter Valley Railway Home Page
Point Defiance Park, Camp 6 Logging Museum
The Railroad That Ran By The Tide: Ilwaco Railway & Navigation Co.
Mt Rainier Senic Railroad
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co. Locomotive 197
Stephen Thompson's Growing up on the Northern Pacific pages. Has lots of NP 4-6-0 and 2-8-2 photos. [new]Mar 10
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Model Railroads.

Official Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club site.
my old Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club site.
The Mt. Hood Model Railroad Club.
The Clackamas Model Railroad Club.
The Columbia River N-Scale Model Railroad Club.
The Boeing Employees Model Railroad Club.
John Shaw's list of model railroad clubs in Oregon, Washington and the World.
Rich Weyand's list of hobby shops in Oregon and Washington.
Garden Railways.
Portland Oregon's Rose City Garden Railroad Society Including Glenda Bockel's layout.
Large Scale On-Line's International Garden Railway Database for Oregon, and Washington.
Edmonton Model Railroad Association
The Bellingham Society of Model Engineers.
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The Library.

My TimberTimes page, or the official TimberTimes page.
My Tall Timber Short Lines page or the official OSO Publishing Tall Timber Short Lines page.
Joseph Anderson's
Consolidated Code of Operating Rules--Revised 1959 is the of the rules used by the Northern Pacific Railway, Spokane International Railroad, Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway, Union Pacific Railroad Oregon Division.
René Gourley's
Resources of interest to British Columbian railfans.
British Columbia Archives
The BCARS HOME PAGE has an extensive list of material, including online photographs, related to railroading in British Columbia. Hint: go to the photo archives and ask for "railroad" or "logging railroad" photos, enjoy.
From the TrainNet Forum on CompuServe (c)
The Railroad Magazine List
Jeff Scherb's
Model Train Magazine Article Index is a very handy searchable index of several Model Railroad Publications, now including Timber Times and Tall Timber Short Lines!
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Other Interesting Railroads Outside the PNW.

Jack Burgess'
Ted Hogan's
Curt Jamison's and Ian Caldicott's
The Uintah Railway.
Robert Bowdidge's
South Pacific Coast Railroad.
Roaring Camp and Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad
The Colorado Railroad Museum.
A tour of the Sierra Railway and Railtown 1897.
Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park, Los Angeles
Southern California Scenic Railway Association.
Colin Churcher's
Thurso and Nation Valley Railway
J. Neils Lumber Company Shay #5
Nevada Rails Home Page
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Other Railroad Resources.

Repeat after me I will not start another page of links, I will not start another page of links, I will... Oh, well...

The National Model Railroad Assoc.
The NMRA on the Web - Home Page has a very extensive Directory of World Wide Rail Sites.
Daniel Dawdy's Cyberspace World Railroad also has a very extensive links page The Switch Track.
Doug White's Dougs's Railfan Page
Wes Barris Steam Locomotive Information
Jeremiah L. Toth Railroads Page and his list of Historic Railroads and Railroad Museums
Darryl Van Nort's
A Ladder Track has a great collection of old steam locomotive images, and covers the Illinois Railway Museum
Clint Chamberlin's Trains - HARRIS Mountaintop
Jon Roma's
list North American railroad frequencies
Wendy Auman's
Shining Time Station, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Mike Teague's
The Last Run of the N&W 611 It's not The Pacific Northwest but it's worth checking out anyway.
Robert Bowdidge's
Railroad-related Internet Resources.
ModelRailroad.Com .
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Photo Archives.

Detroit Publishing Company
The Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company date from around 1880-1920 and cover mostly the eastern United States. Here are the photographs from the results of a railroad search or better yet go to the search page and enter logging.
University of California, Riverside
UCR has a collection of stereoscopic photographs of trains.
Picture Gallery - Directory: pix/trains/usa/steam
Index of /graphics/trains/
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Search Engines and other Tools.

Search the world
With Virtual Tourist ( Oregon, Washington, Idaho or British Columbia ) or
CityNet ( Oregon, Washington, Idaho or British Columbia ).
Search the web
With Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler, InfoSeek or Open Text.
Search Usenet News
With DejaNews.
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
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James Spears' Home Page or James' home railroad the C. E. Keen Flume & Lumber Co.
Random Railroad name generator generate random railroad names. Fun yes, usefull? who knows...