[IMAGE] SP&S 700

SP&S 700 in Portland OR. on June 13, 1990. ( JPG)
Photo J. Spears (c) 1990

The SP&S 700 is one of only two surviving steam engines of the Spokane Portland & Seattle Ry. The 700 is a E-1 class 4-8-4 by Baldwin Locomotive works in May 1938 construction number 62171, to Northern Pacific class A-3 plans. The only exception of being an oil burner. She is the last true Northern as all other NP & SP&S 4-8-4's have long since been scrapped.

Engine specifications:

The 700 belongs to the citizens of Portland OR and is in the care of the Pacific Railroad Preservation Assoc. The engine was donated to the city in 1957 and was placed on temporary display in Oaks Park. Restoration began in 1984 and the engine was moved out of the park in 1987. After a weekend of static display at Portland Union Station, work proceeded at SP's Brooklyn roundhouse. The 700 moved under her own power for the first time in over thirty years on May 15, 1990.

Over the next few years we made several test runs with the engine, and one revenue trip to Yakima Washington to pull dinner trains on the Washington Central Railroad. In addition we have worked with Operation Lifesaver to increase railroad safety by participating in their program at the Oregon State Fair.

Regrettably, most activity has dried up and the 700 is sharing the roundhouse at SP's Brooklyn yard with the SP 4449 until further notice. We are looking for a site to make a permanent home so the locomotives and other railroad equipment may be preserved for future generations. This has become necessary because the roundhouse at Brooklyn yard is scheduled to be torn down to make room for trailer parking. If you would like to help find a new home in the Portland area for this magnificent piece of history please contact us at the address below, or send me e-mail at tjspears@europa.com

Photo Gallery

Here are a few of my faviorite photos of the SP&S 700 taken in 1990 on the Yakima trip. This photo was taken last year (1998) as the SP&S 700 left Hillsboro after attending the opening of the West side lightrail extension. These photos were taken after the 1998 Holiday Junction event at OMSI